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2014-09-03~06   Visit us at Indoprint Expo., Sept 3rd-6th , 2014.

We are proud to announce that our latest model UM08 will be presented at Indoprint, Jakarta from September 3rd-6th.

The Digi Microscoep UM08 can connect to Full HD monitor with HDMI cables; it offers 1080P with high quality image. More than that, UM08 provides long working distance from 2cm to 22cm (Magnification from 132X to 12X) and convenient Auto-Focus systems.  It would be a big helper for quality checking.

Want to know more information about UM08?  Keep up with us to join the Indoprint Expo.  We are looking forward to seeing you at Indoprint Expo, Jakarta.

Please contact us via your e-mail: mltc@vitiny.com